I’m a 4th-year PhD student in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

My research expertise lies at the intersection of cognitive science, machine learning, and data science. My professional goal is to pursue a career as a Data Scientist/Research Scientist, by using my training in the social sciences, cognitive sciences, statistics, machine learning, and programming. I am also interested in Data Science and Machine Learning education, reason why I created and maintain multiple freely accessible and interactive courses and tutorials in Data Science and Machine Learning. I post my projects at my blog (here) and GitHub (here).

I have a broad interdisciplinary training. I did my B.A in Sociology in the Sociology Department at the Universidad de Chile, where I focused my studies on social class inequalities, child development, and data analysis. Next, I completed a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Economics Department at the Universidad de Chile, focusing my research on educational policy, child-wellbeing, and applied econometrics. Concomitant to my master’s studies, I worked for two years in the Center for Neuroeconomics at the Diego Portales University, doing research on learning and decision-making using behavioral, electrophysiology, and statistical modeling techniques.

During my time at UW-Madison, I have done research in learning and decision-making processes of children from high-stress backgrounds in the Child Emotion Lab, combining traditional experimental psychology, statistical analysis, and computational modeling. My current research explores the relationship between computational models of cognition and machine learning. I am also interested in applied machine learning, data visualization, reproducibility in scientific computing, and software engineering skills in the cognitive and social sciences. As an extension of my interest in data science, I founded and organize the Madison Chapter of the PyDatya Meetup.

My current advisor is Timothy T. Rogers from the UW-Madison Psychology Department. My studies are being supported by a Fulbright Scholarship and the Chilean Government.

Starting in June 2021, I’ll be a Data Science Intern at Airbnb, San Francisco, CA.