This a selection of projects that I have done during my graduate education (i.e., MPP and MA/PhD) on which I have made use of several of my technical skills and domain knowledge.

Project 16

The Conceptualization and Measurement of Emotion in Machine Learning: A Critical Appraisal and Recommendations from Psychology

Project 15

NumPy Fundamentals for Data Science and Machine Learning

Project 14

Introduction to the UNIX Shell (Bash)

Project 13

Introduction to Linear Algebra for Applied Machine Learning with Python

Project 12

Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks - set-up, user-guide, and best practices

Project 11

Introduction to Neural Network Models of Cognition - Online Book

Project 10

Data Visualization with Altair: a grammar of graphics for Python

Project 9

Introducing software development best practices for research in the behavioral and social sciences

Project 8

Deep Learning for Age-prediction from Features Extracted from Human-Drawings

Project 7

Measuring and Assessing the Structure of Human Conceptual Representations using Network Analysis

Project 6

Exploring the Impact of Early Life Stress on Learning in Dynamic Environments

Project 5

Pipeline automation to reproduce and evaluate the variability of genealogical patterns across the genome

Project 4

Psychological experiment about learning social preferences under stress

Project 3

Neurocognitve Basis of Impulsive Buying Behavior

Project 2

Low Cognitive Impulsivity Is Associated with Better Gain and Loss Learning in a Probabilistic Decision-Making Task

Project 1

Fitness, Nutrition and Academic Performance in Socioeconomic Context (in Spanish)